January 29th, 2011

canadian, mountie, rcmp

Ode to my City

So last night, I went out skating on the canal with some friends. It was late, so it wasn't too crowded, and the weather was lovely -- not too cold and just a light snow falling. Kind of the picture-postcard of canal skating.  We got to talking about how incredibly lucky we are to have something like this in the middle of our city. How many places can you go where someone walks down the street -- or into the office -- with a pair of skates on their shoulder, and you don't even blink? It's really a very cool thing. 

Also, for all the complaining I do about winter and having to shovel (and it getting so cold that the snot freezes inside my nose.... ew!), there are some very cool things about winter in this city. Skating is one of them. Even if I do have bruises on my knees from where I wiped out dramatically last night. 

I do love living in this city.