May 2nd, 2010

knitting, knitcat, yarn

Needle Woes

I love my Knitpicks Options needle set -- they work wonderfully, and when the cables died on me recently, Knitpicks replaced them hassle-free (That's the kind of service that induces me to continue buying from a company). The only trouble is, I only have one set of tips in each needle size. So when I got tired of working on the baby blanket (for the future niece/nephew) and decided to start on a little summer sweater for myself, for a change of pace, it was really unfortunate to discover that I needed the exact same needle size to get gauge. 


So I've knit the first bit on straight needles, to give me that needed break from the blanket, but I think I'll have to finish the blanket to free up the needle tips before I can do much more work on the sweater (the next set of increases is going to be too much for the straights).  

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