November 26th, 2009

last unicorn

Remarkably content-free

I have been a very poor blogger/journaller of late. I wish that I could say it was because I was spending all my time working on my writing projects, but that would not be entirely true. I was going gangbusters for a while this fall, but then I fell off the wagon a bit and have been much more erratic ever since.

Part of this is because work has been a big energy drain of late (but this is not a whining-about-work post), and part of it is because my extracurricular activities have been taking over my life, but mostly it's because I've been choosing to flop when I get home rather than to work, so it's really entirely my own fault.

I also have been terribly lax in the staying in touch with friends department -- I owe several phone calls to folks I haven't talked to in ages. For shame!

Anyway, consider this an announcement of my continued existence. Still Not Dead!