October 25th, 2009

last unicorn

PSA: Just do it yourself

So today I have learned (or re-learned -- really, I knew this already, but let myself forget) that one should never ever try to use the easy one-step idiot-proof solution for anything. How did I learn this, you ask?

Well, having finally given up on Bell's Internet service after many many years (fairplaythings has a concise summary of the story, if you're really curious), I signed up with Rogers, and was delighted when they said the installation guy would be here today -- not 24 hours after I placed the order. And the installation went just fine, and he left me with two CDs -- the official documentation for my new router, and Roger's Quick! Easy! Set-up CD. 

What I needed to do was password-protect our new wireless connection. I couldn't initially figure out the documentation, so I thought "well, let's try this quick and easy CD, which he said would do it". Of course, the quick and easy CD only works with Windows (my shiny new laptop is a Mac), and the modem is in the front room, so I had to haul the old (ginormous) Windows computer out of the study and into the front room and plug it in to the modem. And I waited patiently while the sluggardly machine booted up, and then installed the Quick! Easy! software, and then obediently followed all of the steps. 

And realized a short while later, that although the software had insisted that I had been successful, it had in fact done NOTHING. Gah.

Of course, by this time I'd returned the dino-puter to the study, confident that the Quick! Easy! software had done what it was supposed to do. 

So I plugged in the Mac, took another look at the documentation, and within five minutes had succeeded in getting everything properly set up (It was just a matter of recognizing the right terminology, as it turns out). 

So, moral of the story: Just do it yourself. It's pretty much always easier in the long run.