August 7th, 2009

death in venice

Where I am this weekend

So this weekend fairplaythings  and I are at the World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal. I'm actually typing this from the exhibition hall.

It is a strange, interesting place. There are an awful lot of people here, most of whom I would probably like, and yet I am overcome with my standard crippling social phobias. Sigh. I think my goal for the weekend needs to be to start conversations with, oh, one or two people. 

The panels we've been to so far have mostly been really good. There was an excellent "conversation" last night between Paul Krugman and Charles Stross, which was really fun to listen to. I also went to a panel on the issue of genocide with Connie Willis and Nalo Hopkinson and a couple of fans (whose names, alas, I have forgotten), which got into some very interesting discussions.

I may evolve a theory on the nature of questions at convention panels by the end of this, though.

I am looking forward with great eagerness to the Masquerade tomorrow night. fairplaythings 
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