April 14th, 2009

spark, bound hands

How I Spent my Long Weekend

Easter for a Canadian federal government employee is a wonderful holiday - four whole days without having to work. And this year, we had gorgeous sunny weather the entire time. I had planned to do all kinds of work around the house, rake the leaves that didn't get raked in the fall due to sudden snowfall, and start prepping the garden.  I had planned to bike about a lot, and maybe even try an outside run if the temperature was friendly.

Instead, I spent the entire weekend on the couch, hacking my lungs out.

Yes, indeedy, I caught the King of Colds. It may actually be the flu. All I can say is that this is day five (yes, I'm home from work today -- I still have interestingly-coloured phlegm, so it didn't seem fair to expose my colleagues to that), and this is the first day I haven't felt like I was going to fall over when I stood up for any length of time.  Which of course means I couldn't even get anything done around the house. I was pretty much restricted to lying on the couch, reading and playing video games. Which sounds great, except that it was a holiday, and the weather was nice, and I had THINGS TO DO!

I did actually take my bike out on Saturday to buy some groceries. It was interesting, biking back home with my head doing cartwheels independently of my body. I think I will not do that again.

I even missed out on Easter dinner, because I was way to sick to expose my friends to whatever nasty ailment I have.

I really hate being sick. Well, the first day or so isn't too bad, because I can lie in bed and feel sorry for myself. But that's about all I can stand. I start to get really restless and stir-crazy, and that makes me whiney. I don't think I'm much fun to be around when I'm sick, even setting aside the hacking and snorfling.

Sigh. Stupid fragile human body.