March 31st, 2009

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Messing about in boats

So a friend mentioned the other day that he was joining a sailing club here in town, and sent me the Web site.

And now I'm half-seriously thinking of signing up myself. Would you believe that it never occurred to me that there would be sailing here in Ottawa? It never so much as crossed my mind that we have substantial waterways, and lots of room for boats, and that therefore there are organizations that provide boats (and instruction) for people to go out on the water.

I love sailing. My family has a little Laser that was my uncle's -- it's a single-sailed boat, meant to be used by one person (although you can sail it with two, as long as you're slightly coordinated). I don't get to use it very often, because I don't get to go up to the family cottage very often, and when I do, there's rarely that necessary confluence of sufficient wind + someone to help me carry the boat from storage down to the water. So sailing has been one of those things that I enjoy but hardly ever get to do.

But there are sailing clubs in Ottawa.

Who knew?
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