April 21st, 2008

try evil

I (heart) my new washing machine

I finally got to use my new washing machine for the first time last
night. I know, I know, it says something very sad about my life that
this is what gets me excited. But I have to say, the new machine is
wonderful. It's a front-loader, and super-Energy Star, so I'm
pretty confident it's going to cut down on our water and electricity
usage (as compared with our 40-year-old top-loader). It's quiet, and
easy to use, and easily the most attractive thing in our basement (not
that there's a lot of competition there, I admit). It has
settings to chose from.

And, although it's a little early to tell yet (the clothes are still
drying), I think it's doing a better job of removing cat hair and
miscellaneous fluff. Hurrah!
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