January 3rd, 2008

last unicorn

January begins

I had a particularly good run on the treadmill today, although I couldn't follow it up with time on the elliptical or some weight-work -- the gym was just too much of a zoo. I probably lucked out even getting the treadmill! It's great that people want to come to the gym, but do they really all have to make the same resolution at the same time every year? Januaries at the gym are just not much fun.

Anyway, I have discovered that listening to pocasts on interesting topics is a wonderful way to while away the time on the treadmill. When I'm running outside, peppy music is nice, or even just looking at the pretty scenery. But the treadmill is just too terribly tedious -- I need something to take my mind off of it. So a nice little podcast about knitting or whatever is wonderfully distracting. I should try audio books and stories, too. I bet they would work.

Anyway, must go. fairplaythings has arrived home with our shiny new copy of Rock Band and I must check it out!