December 7th, 2007

death in venice

Life lately, in bullets

  • I am simultaneously excited and anxious about the Golden
    movie. I love the books (and just read them one last
    pre-movie time), and I want the movie to be wonderful. From the
    trailers, it looks like it will be very pretty to look at, at least.
    We're planning to go see it Sunday night -- maybe I'll post a review on

  • I am simultaneously excited and anxious about my big concert
    tomorrow night. I joined a choir this fall, and tomorrow
    is our big Holiday concert. We're performing at a large church, which
    seats about 1000. I don't think we're going to sell it out, but we're
    expecting at least 600, which is a lot of people to perform for. I
    volunteered myself into a flute solo. Why did I do that? Gulp.

  • There's been a lot of snow this year. It isn't even officially
    winter yet. I've already had it with shoveling.

  • I am about 75% done my Xmas shopping. I am hoping to finish up the
    rest in short order. This is the most organized I've ever been, and I'm
    hoping it means no last-minute shopping trips! *knocks wood

  • Work has been even more uneven than usual, so I've been either
    running around like a crazy person trying to get everything done or
    sitting at my desk twiddling my fingers. This is profoundly

  • I'm beginning to develop a yarn stash problem. I didn't think I was
    a collector, until I started knitting. And now I keep wandering past
    yarn displays and going "ooh! pretty!" I am trying to restrain myself to
    yarn for which I have specific patterns in mind. Not that I will ever
    have time to knit them all. And I fear even that restraint is doomed to
    fall away, far too soon. I need more plastic yarn-containing bins,

  • Speaking of yarn, the top-secret project is progressing nicely. I am
    no longer worried that it won't get done in time. Hurrah! So instead of
    fretting about finishing in time, I am contemplating adding a little
    knit kitten or other small toy to the package. Just 'cause. (I still
    have over five months, for crying out loud!)

  • At spinning class (stationary biking to music, and the only biking
    I'm getting these days -- see snow, above) last night, I was exposed to
    a version of Barber's Adagio for Strings with a generic techno beat
    layered on it, being used as a high-speed workout track. I'm generally
    in favour of techno beats and electronic variations on things, but there
    was something profoundly wrong with doing it to the Barber Adagio. Or
    maybe it was just that the beat had been added in a rather perfunctory
    way, and it hadn't been thought out thoroughly. Regardless, it threw me
    completely out of my workout head-space.