October 15th, 2007


In which I consider inventing new curse words

So having completed my first knitted sweater, I immediately started on
the next one. This one is knitted in the round, which is a new skill for
me, but which eliminates the need to knit the front and back of the
sweater separately and then sew them together. This can only be a good
thing, since I swear sewing the last sweater together took twice as long
as the knitting itself! (I exaggerate, but it did take an absurdly long

I've been cheerfully knitting away all weekend, and I had about an inch
and a half of knitting done when I realized that instead of knitting a
sweater-shaped tube, I was knitting a lovely ribbed Möbius strip.


I've been racking my brains, but I fear the only solution is going to be
to frog (tear out) the whole thing and start anew.

This is where I started thinking up new curse words, those at my
disposal seeming inadequate.

On the bright side, the actual knitting had been progressing smoothly
and was turning out nicely...