April 9th, 2007



A happy slightly-belated Easter to everyone who celebrates it!

While I am quite unabashedly heathen these days, I celebrate the extra-long weekend this particular holiday gets us with joy (as a government employee, I get both Good Friday and Easter Monday off, making it a 4-day weekend). And given that I only worked a day and half last week due to the Cold of Doom that I've been fighting (and still have, but that's another story), I kind of feel like I've been on vacation for a while. Which is nice and refreshing.

We had some friends over for dinner last night. It was all Indian -- nothing remotely Easter-traditional. 'Cause I had no intention of cooking ham. :) It was a yummy and well-received meal all the same, though. I learned how to make samosas. They were surprisingly easy and tasty. Thank you Moosewood cookbook!

One of the great advantages of having company is that it motivates us to do a really proper cleaning of the public areas of the house. It's so much nicer to have everything actually put away. I wonder how long this can possibly last? ;)