March 21st, 2007

baby dragon

Not really all that scary

The way this "Calgary flight scare" is being reported is driving me
absolutely bonkers (why yes, I am easily driven bonkers, why do you

There's something about the idea that some bags getting on to planes
without their owners is a source of panic that's just fundamentally
stupid. Yes yes, I know, in a post-Air India world, we're all supposed
to fly on the same planes as our bags. This is to ensure that nobody
checks an exploding bag, and then skips the flight (thereby surviving
the explosion). But ordinary bags don't suddenly become explosive, just
because their owners missed the flight. The point of the rule is that it
prevents people from trying that particular method of blowing things up.
It's not that the bags are scary in and of themselves.

Now I agree, there are still security issues in baggage screening, and
it's a bad thing that the system broke down at this one point. But come
on. Let's not get carried away here. There's nothing inherently scary
about the bags. Collective deep breath, please.