March 20th, 2007

last unicorn

Things I learned from fluffy tv

So I was watching the Amazing Race last night (it's my cheesy
reality-tv indulgence), and they had the coolest roadblock ever.

Did you know that in Mozambique, they apparently use trained rats to
locate land mines? Because the rats are (relatively) small, they don't
detonate the mines, so they just sniff them out, and then the people
come along and get rid of them.

Is that not the coolest animal-with-job you have ever heard of? I love
that it's rats. They usually get such a bad rap, so it's nice to see
rats getting some positive press (and they were awfully cute, too!).
Plus, it's just neat.

In other reality-tv news, they're filming Canadian Idol
auditions in the hotel next to my office. There's a Tim Horton's in the
hotel (not very tasty coffee, but cheap & caffeine-laden), and every
time I walk through, there are young people wandering up and down the
halls singing to themselves. It's kind of funny, really.
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