November 20th, 2006


Crass Materialism

So this weekend, we bought a couch. And a

Real, honest-to-goodness, grownup furniture. I think I might be in

We've been talking about buying some "real" furniture for a while, and
when we saw this set in the flyer (it was on sale and everything), we
decided to check it out. And -- much to my surprise -- liked it even
more in person than we did in the flyer. It is not too much to say I
completely fell in love with it. It's attractive -- just different
enough from the standard sofa to be interesting -- and it's comfy. And
the chair... is just the right size to curl up in.

So we thought about it for a while. And contemplated whether it will get
through the front door. And then bought it.

It's not going to be delivered until January, because they were out of
local stock.... And we're still not 100% sure it will fit through the
door... but it should. I think. I hope. It will be heartbreaking if it

And then, after having responsibly thought about the couch before making
the purchase, I went out and bought a dress that is way too expensive
and that I have nowhere to wear.

It is possibly the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. It looks
smashing on me. I fell completely in love with it. I tried it on before
looking at the price (always a mistake). I am trying to find a picture
online, but not having much success, so I'll have to take a picture when
I'm at home. It's a black dress, with cream-coloured flowers embroidered
all over it. It's mid-calf length, with a full skirt and a very 50sish
silhouette. It's not-quite-strapless, having skinny straps to help hold
the bodice up, but it's shaped like a strapless dress. It makes me go
sploogy inside, I love it so.

You'll have to see a picture. Then you'll understand. :)