November 14th, 2006

mirrormask, sphinx, afraid

Dance of Joy

Big sigh of relief. The scholarship application part of the grad school
odyssey is done!

By some miracle of divine intervention, everything got here in time
(although the letters of reference from my advisors in Victoria cut it
bloody close). The OGS package is
winging its way to Thunder Bay* as we speak (well, it is if I can
believe the Canada Post lady. But that's really really
really out of my hands!). The SSHRC package is sitting in my backpack,
to be delivered on my way in to work tomorrow morning (the office is
actually right next door to my office building -- I tried to drop it off
about half an hour ago, but they'd already left for the day. So tomorrow
morning it will be).

I think I may be in shock.

(Oooh, music has now changed to "Everything will be Alright" -- that's
gotta be a sign, right?)

So now I get to take a few days off before digging in to the actual
school applications (which are, of course, due later than the
scholarships... and are also rather less complex and difficult, thank
goodness!). I'm hoping to actually finish up the "pieces of art" I owe
to some of you -- I have been working on them, honest!

Oh, and I think a celebratory glass of wine is in order. Oh yes.

* Why we have to send everything to Thunder frickin' Bay, I have no
idea. I'm thinking some industrious MPP, 'way back when they established
the office.