June 20th, 2006

peace sign

Harper says the right thing.

Now, I'm no fan of Stephen Harper. But I've got to go on the record, and say that I'm very pleased he said this.

Canada's diversity, properly nurtured, is our greatest strength. [...] They hate open, diverse, democratic societies like ours, because they want the exact opposite [...] [They want] societies that are closed, homogeneous and dogmatic.

It's about time someone said it.

'Course, the rest of the speech sounds like it was a little off-the-wall -- the United Nations' World Urban Forum cares about the Conservatives' street-racing and gun-crime legislation? But credit where credit is due.

Note: I'm just basing my reaction on the Globe article. I'll have to see if I can track down the full text of the speech to see if it's really as good in context as it seems in the article.