June 1st, 2006


A musical recommendation

I'm terribly sleepy today, as I was up late last night, listening to
some very good live music. It was well worth it, though. I highly
recommend going to see Paper
if they ever come to your city (Hey Kingstonites! They're
there tonight!). Very pretty pop music, absolutely insane people
(although the lead singer kept insisting that she was just insane
because she had gotten sunstroke in Montreal... but I suspect they're
always a little on the nuts side). I picked up their new CD, and it's
very good indeed (I would have liked to grab their previous one, but
they had sold them all... alas. I shall have to order it.). Cheers for
Canadian indie-pop!

They played with a band bearing the truly odd name of Square Root of Margaret, who were also
very good. I would have liked to buy their album, too, but they didn't
seem to have any with them -- or at least they didn't bother to pull
them out. Which was sad. I may have to order that one, too.

The opener-opener was a band called the City Streets. They were not
half-bad, although not terribly distinctive -- I must say, they sounded
like every other indie-rock boy-band out there. Pleasant, but not

The really sad thing about the show was the turnout -- Ottawa really is
lame on a Wednesday night. When the show started, there were maybe five
people in the bar -- tops -- who weren't either employees or performers.
It got a little busier towards the end, but I still doubt there were
thirty people there. I suspect this is why SROM didn't bother digging
out their CDs. Sniff. I hope this doesn't mean either of the bands
will never come back.

Anyway, there you go -- listening recommendations.
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