May 29th, 2006

sleepycat, sleepy

That's Ottawa for you

So, a week ago, it was cold and rainy and I nearly got hypothermia.

This week, it's hot (hot!) and muggy. And I have my first sunburn* of the season.

Spring is not something that we get much of in Ottawa. Alas.

fairplaythings is away this week, at a work conference thingy. In theory, this means I'm going to be terribly productive and get all kinds of stuff done. In practice, so far it means that I've been watching movies and making tasty chickpea-based meals. And finally writing in this journal, which is quasi-productive, right?

I've also been teaching myself to knit (out of a book), which has been rather satisfying. I made a little change purse, and will probably be embarking on the traditional scarf in the near future. Guess what everyone I know is getting for Xmas this year? :) The actual knitting is going pretty well, although I haven't quite mastered casting off yet. And that's supposed to be the easy part -- go figure. My biggest problem getting started was that it didn't look right until I was finished the whole row, and I kept wanting to stop and check if I was doing it right -- and I couldn't really tell. Once I got over that, it wasn't too hard to learn. I'm having fun with it so far -- it's rather relaxing to do while sitting and chatting with someone, or listening to music, or whatever. And it's rather cool to watch the knitting emerging from the needles. I particularly like the feeling of being able to make something. Even something as unimaginative as a scarf.

*I put on sunscreen! Lots of it! I just didn't quite get it all the way to the strap of my tank top at the back of my shoulder. I don't reach that far naturally. Believe me when I say that wearing a backpack the next day was pretty owwy.