May 22nd, 2006


Race report

Well, I have never raced in such absolutely wretched weather conditions. It would be quite okay with me if I never had to again. But I finished, so that's something.

My time was not good at all -- just over 2 hours. A good chunk of this can be blamed on the weather, and another chunk on the absolutely insane distance between the pool (where the swim was being held, May being a little chilly yet for outdoor swimming in Ottawa) and the transition zone -- it was a 500m run. In the rain. And wind. In my bathing suit. Not fun.

The rest of the course wasn't very well set up, either. A large portion of the running course was along the grassy shoulder of the road, and people kept running on the edge of the road instead (whether because of the mud -- of which there was plenty -- or because they preferred road running). The same road as the bicycle course. This wouldn't have been a big problem, except that the runners were spilling over into almost the middle of the road. And then there were inexperienced cyclists giving them and the puddles lots of room, and it became really quite congested for a stretch. I was really nervous about passing there. There were at least a couple of wipeouts in that same area. Not good.

Despite all these setbacks, it was good to be racing again. There's something very enjoyable about the way a race disconnects my mind, so that all I can think about is the race itself. It's a wonderful antidote to the world of work and all the other mental energy I expend on a daily basis. So even though I was probably flirting with hypothermia by the end of it, it was well worth it.

This is not to imply that better weather next time wouldn't be welcome...!