May 19th, 2006

death in venice

First race of the season

I could use some speedy thoughts tomorrow morning, if you have any to spare. It's the first tri of the season, and it looks like it's going to be ... interesting. It's a pool swim, and they've reorganized the course this year, with the result that there's a 500m run between the swim and the transition area. Ouch. We'll see how that goes. :/

Dry thoughts wouls be nice, too, since they're calling for rain. I'm trying to resign myself to getting wet, but racing in the rain just isn't all that much fun.

Despite all this negativity, I am very much looking forward to the race. It's good to have race season back. I love the physical exertion that doesn't leave room for any angst or fretting, beyond "can I make it up this hill?"

I wonder if I can beat fairplaythings this time. I certainly intend to try. Whaddya think...? ;)