November 30th, 2005

last unicorn

A Rant

I was in the elevator the other day, and overheard a couple of women
talking about getting their coffee double-cupped at Tim Horton's.

They were carrying on about how ridiculous it was that they had to ask
for double cups on their coffee, when "my husband orders his tea and
gets it double-cupped automatically... but I go in there every day and
ask for my coffee double-cupped, and they look at me..."

It was all I could do not to say something. It has long been a source
of profound irritation for me that Tim Horton's seems to have an
automatic double-cupping policy for things like tea and hot chocolate.
I already feel guilty enough about the disposable cup -- I don't want a
second disposable cup added to my inflated eco-footprint! And here were
these women, who seemed to want two cups to be the standard for

Here's what I don't get -- if you're going to Tim Horton's every day,
what's so hard about getting yourself a travel mug and taking it with
you? Then your delicate fingers would be protected, and you wouldn't be
throwing away two cups a day -- or, more accurately, two cups every time
you go to the donut shop.

It's like those people you see at highway rest stop coffee shops: They
have their fancy travel mugs in their cars, but cannot be bothered to
bring them with them into the shop. Instead, they get their coffee in
those little disposable cups (probably double-cupped!), and then carry
it out to the parking lot and pour it into their travel mugs. Sometimes
they even do this in the drive-through. Do they really have no
conception of how many of those stupid little cups they end up chucking
in the garbage as a result of this practice?

It's not even as if the workers in Tim Hortons give you a hard time when
you give them a mug to fill. I mean, they sell their own refillable
travel mugs, but they'll fill anything you hand them, without even
blinking. You can even get them to put other stuff in your own mug
(non-coffee beverages, I mean). It's not a big deal.


Insert standard rant about our disposable society and people not having
any awareness of how their actions impact the world at large.

I know I'm not an ecological angel. There are things I do that are
inordinately wasteful. And I am too lazy to be considered a really
ethical eco-citizen. But I do try to do the little things, the things
that are so easy, and make a (albeit small) difference.
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