October 2nd, 2005

last unicorn

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This weekend has involved painting. And packing.

Y'know, for all this move is very much a good thing, it's also an awful lot of work. And my appartment feels all chaotic, because there are boxes everywhere. It will be good to get everything moved over, and unpacked, and settled. Any bets on whether it'll be any more organized/neater than it was here? :P

We went out on Friday night to see Metric. It was a good show, but it was sold-out, and it was an all-ages show, so the crowd was both very young and very numerous. It wasn't the kind of crowd I'm used to seeing at my semi-indie-rock concerts, and it was a tad disconcerting and annoying. They tried to start a mosh pit when the band played the big hit. Ick.

I think the band was a little off-put by the audience as well. The lead singer (Emily) was talking to the crowd for a bit, and mentionned that Hummer had wanted to use the song Succexxy (for a commercial, presumably)... and the audience cheered. Which seemed to confuse Emily as much as it did me.

Anyway. I'm just a crochety old snob, don't mind me.
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