August 2nd, 2005

last unicorn

Gender-Related Observation

There's construction going on next to my office building: a new office
tower is going up. There's a black wooden wall surrounding the
construction site, with little screened "windows" in it that you can
peek through to see the construction. And every time I walk past,
there's a man or two, standing and looking in.

Sometimes it's guys who look like they're just out for a stroll, in
jeans or shorts; sometimes it's businessmen in fancy suits. But I have
never yet seen a woman do more than glance in as she's walking past, and
generally, women don't seem to notice or care at all.

It's a little odd. I'm going to guess that it's the result of little
boys having been given construction toys for their sandboxes. And, of
course, I acknowledge that it is entirely possible that there are women
checking out the building machines from time to time, when I'm not
there. It's still quite striking.
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