June 17th, 2005

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Fair and Balanced?
Science reporting and the "balanced" story

Brain dead woman kept alive to save baby
This one disturbs me on so many levels. For one thing, there's the fact that this woman has essentially become a zombie uterus. And if that's what she would have wanted, and that's what her family agrees she would have wanted, well, who am I to say differently? But I will acknowledge that it does make me uncomfortable. Then there's her brother-in-law using the situation as the basis for an anti-abortion editorial (the connections he's making seem rather tenuous to me, but then, I don't think being pro-choice is the same thing as "abortions for all!" and I'm far more concerned about the "culture of death" associated with wars and the death penalty... but that's another rant for another day).

But as a Canadian, perhaps it's worth noting that:

Meanwhile, Mr. Torres faces a crushing debt because of his decision. His wife has some medical insurance, but it doesn't cover all of her costs. The first 12 days of treatment, not including doctors' fees, added up to almost $100,000 U.S., said Mr. Torres. If the baby is born, it remains unclear whether expensive care in the neonatal ward for two or three months will be covered.

Remind me again why two-tier health care is a good thing?

(credit goes to fairplaythings for bringing the money issue to my attention)
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