May 17th, 2005

last unicorn

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And more about Belinda's sudden switch of loyalties...

Stephen Harper pretends not to be surprised
It's probably easier to act unsurprised if you don't have any facial expressions to start with.

Poor, poor Peter MacKay
Not only has he just had his heart broken and his political ideals bruised, everyone's talking about it. I can hardly blame him for wanting to stay out of the spotlight for a while.

And on the rumour front
Now that Belinda's done it, more Conservatives are thinking about jumping ship? Hmmm. We shall see...

What does this mean for the government? Who knows. Will they manage to survive the budget vote on Thursday? It's possible now, though nothing is certain. But will they actually be given a chance to govern, even if they do survive the vote? That is the question. Or a question, anyway.
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