May 12th, 2005


Things that make me sad

I hate it when companies discontinue things I've become fond of. Case in point: President's Choice. They used to have a line of food called "Too Good to Be True" and have been switching over to a new 'healthy line' called "Blue Menu". This, while slightly annoying (because I have to learn to recognize the boxes all over again), would not be a big deal except that they seem to be discontinuing some of my favourite easy meals in the process. No more Seven-Vegetable Curry for lunch? That was bad enough. But then when I went to the supermarket tonight, and tried to buy vegetarian patties, I noticed that they only had one variety left, and only two boxes of it, with no sign that they were planning to restock. No more tasty vegetarian patties? Nooo!

It's making me very sad. I should probably write a letter or something.
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