May 11th, 2005


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I am tiiiiiiiiired.

I had a really hard time getting to sleep last night, for some reason -- probably because I haven't acclimated to the summer humidity yet, and yesterday was a properly hot summer day. As a result, by mid-afternoon today, I was having serious difficulty keeping my eyes open. And I'm still really groggy.

I'm supposed to be going swimming tonight, in preparation for the triathlon that's next weekend (the 21st -- funny how these things creep up on you). I'm trying really hard not to bail. But then again, falling asleep in the pool and drowning wouldn't be very productive either.

At least I got my laundry done. I haven't been completely useless today.
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Patting Myself on the Back

So I was a good girl and went swimming. And it was fine. I was in no danger of drowning. In fact, I perked up considerably. So that's good. It looks like I'm going to be pacing myself at 12 minutes for the 500m swim in the race next week -- which makes sense, since I paced myself at 13 minutes last year, and that was a little too slow. So that's good.

The only problem is that now I'm all perky and awake and stuff. And I'm supposed to be going to bed early tonight to make up for not having slept properly last night.

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