February 17th, 2005

last unicorn

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I'm sorry I've been so conspicuously absent from my journal of late. I've been all worn out and having a hard time getting anything done. It's just been a constant round of work-sleep-work-sleep, with an occasional trip to the gym thrown in.

Well, that's not entirely true. I've been doing other stuff -- it's just that the work thing seems to be sucking all my energy away. Sigh. It's probably just the tail-end of winter getting to me. Or something.

But let's talk about positives:
*fairplaythings and I leave for Europe in 41 days. (not that I'm counting)
*I'm finally getting organized and starting to figure out the going back to school thing. I'm thinking a summer course to start off with -- the timetable comes out tomorrow, supposedly, so I can sit down this weekend and figure out exactly what I want to take
*I have an appointment on Monday to talk about RRSPs and ethical funds. So money stuff is starting to come together.
*I had a really lovely V-day with my boy. Which I utterly failed to journal about. But which was really, really nice.
*I have a really nice boy. He's good to have around. I probably don't appreciate him enough.
*I might get to visit jellybeast in a couple of weeks, if the stars align and nobody else dies. (insert frantic knocking of all available wood here)
*I'm going to Europe! In 41 days! I really don't get to complain much when I have that to look forward to.

There. I feel better already.
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