December 18th, 2004


Still in the land of the living

Thursday night, fairplaythings and I went to see Stars (possibly our mutual favourite band) at Zaphod's. It was a great show, but a little bittersweet -- they've "made it" now, so we don't get to have the same kind of personal contact we had before, and we're no longer "in" on an unknown thing. It's great for them, because they're really good, and success means they'll be able to continue to do important things like eat and make albums. But it's a little sad for us. That's the last time they'll ever play Zaphod's -- as Torq actually said, on stage. It'll be Barrymore's next.

(But we did still manage to get our little brush with fame)

Anyway. Otherwise, my life has been utterly consumed by holiday shopping. It's a terrible thing, really. I have a relatively large family, a number of whom are notoriously difficult to shop for. One of my brothers is so non-materialistic that he never wants enough to put together a wish list -- and good for him, but it makes finding presents for him nearly impossible when all he ever seems to want is socks. And meat. Sigh.

And my sister is the other extreme. She's very good about putting together a list, but it's so specific that I get the feeling she has a particular item in mind, and that I must somehow figure out/find that exact item. I am aware that I'm probably reading way too much into it, but I end up standing in stores having conversations with myself: "This is a pretty sweater. But it's not exactly cream... it's really more white. Well, obviously that won't do. She asked for cream." Sigh.

I hate Christmas shopping. I enjoy it when I find the perfect gift, and I like giving presents, but I hate the pressure that I find myself feeling. And I hate the mall crowds. Once I get it done, I'll be able to relax and enjoy the holiday, but there's that obstacle of actually doing the shopping first.

Oh well. At least I got my holiday cards done.
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