October 14th, 2004

last unicorn

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I'm back! Did you miss me?

I had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend in Nova Scotia. Mind you, the weather was less than pleasant, which is to say it rained. A lot. We tried to do some touristy things (Peggy's Cove, Oak Island, etc.), but kept getting rained on and windswept. It was fun anyway. fairplaythings' family is very nice indeed, and it was a nice little holiday.

I didn't go back to work today, though... I'm on strike. This has been coming for quite some time; we've been without a contract for nearly a year and a half, and talks between the union and the employer keep stalling. We've been out all week.

Walking the picket line today wasn't too bad -- fortunately, everyone's being good-natured and no one seems to have lost their temper. It was quite a monotonous day, though -- we just walked in a circle, around and around and around and around. It's amazing how tired you can get walking in a circle. Every so often, we'd change directions, and periodically a couple of us would go for a walk around the block -- just to walk in a straight line for a change!

Negotiations are still underway, and they are looking relatively promising. Some of the other government workers are back to work with a tentative deal (mind you, it's the ones who've been off for 1-2 months...), so we could be back as early as tomorrow. Or maybe they'll finally hash something out over the weekend. Here's hoping. I support the strike, but would rather be working than picketing...
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last unicorn

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Prrr. New Stars album. Happy Kiri.
Now there's just one problem... I want to stay up and listen to it, but I really should go to bed. What to do, what to do?
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