September 7th, 2004

last unicorn

Recap of the past few days

Triathlon: Went well. Did not beat C (alas!), but did cut more than 20 minutes off my time from last year. I got rather sunstruck, unfortunately, due to a misadventure with my hat (its absence, that is), so I spent a large chunk of the afternoon dozing.

Sunday night, C and I went out dancing. We had a nice dinner at a Vietnamese place, and then met up with C3 and S, and tried to go to Barrymore's for their weekly 80s night. But alas! the lineup was around the block, and it became increasingly apparent that we weren't going to get in unless we stuck around for many many hours. Barrymore's 80s night has a rather devoted following, and between the long weekend and the return of the students, they were out in force.

So then we went to the Honest Lawyer for a few drinks, and to play on the games. I lost at air hockey (but it was a close game!), and discovered that I really rather like Dance Dance Revolution (in part 'cause I'm actually pretty good at it). Then C3 and S were lame and went home, and C and I went in search of actual dancing. It turned out that Zaphod's was having "Retro Underground" night, so we went there and danced a whole bunch and had much fun. Then we were tired and went home.

Monday (a holiday! glee! bliss!) was mostly spent relaxing. I don't get to just relax nearly often enough, it seems.

Then it was back to work today. And the grind resumes. Le sigh.

I hope all of you had a lovely Labour Day weekend. :)
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last unicorn

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Oh, and I now have Gmail invitations to give away, if anyone wants one. Google appears to be using the phrase "trusted early tester" very flexibly indeed. Snerk.
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