September 1st, 2004

last unicorn

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I'm trying really hard to convince myself that I should make something for dinner. But I can't quite seem to drown out the voice in the back of my head saying "pizza..... pizza will come to your door fully made. You'll hardly have to stand up at all. You just give them money and all is well...." (Yes, the voice in the back of my head really is that talkative).

Mmmm..... pizza.....

The temptation may become overwhelming. Quick, somebody talk me out of it.

Edit: Pizza won. It was tasty. The fancy-shmancy gourmet pizza place does an herb crust. Yummmmmmm.
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last unicorn

(no subject)

Mmm, I lurve this song.

Anyway. I think it might actually be time for me to head to bed. This is really quite absurdly early, but I haven't been sleeping well of late, and I feel I should take advantage of a sudden fit of droopy eyes. Maybe if I get a decent night's rest I can actually assemble coherent and/or interesting thoughts. That'd be nice for a change.

I miss the days when if I had trouble falling asleep it didn't matter too much because I could get up whenever I wanted, and when I could stay up all night reading and writing and thinking and studying and stuff. Yes, it's true. I'm waxing nostalgic for my student days. Those halcyon days of yore...

'Course, now I get a paycheque and can afford to live in relative luxury and to keep and spoil a pair of cats. All the nostalgia in the world isn't quite enough yet to make me give up job security....
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