July 21st, 2004

last unicorn

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pet peeve major annoyance du jour: pedestrians who don't believe that bicycles are actually traffic

I was very nearly involved in an accident on my way in to work today. I was biking along at a fair clip, minding my own business, obeying traffic laws, when a pedestrian decided to step off the curb directly in front of me. I had no warning whatsoever -- she had been looking both ways, so I naturally assumed that she had seen me, but apparently not. I swerved, missed her by what felt like millimeters, and mumbled some kind of conflation of 'Look out!' and 'Sorry' (not that it was my fault -- but I tend to apologize for things that aren't really my fault in the name of politeness). And then she, very snarkily, said "Oh my GOD," and gave me a very nasty look. As though I were somehow to blame for her decision to walk in front of me.

Obviously, I'm a little rattled. I'm also quite annoyed. If I had been a car, she would have been hit. Would it then somehow have been the car's fault? Grr.

And now I have to settle down and try to work. I'm going to try to do that now...