July 1st, 2004

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Unfortunately, they're forecasting all kinds of terrible weather. Thunderstroms -- gah! I hope the weather folk are wrong. *frown*

The election went reasonably well -- Ed won in Ottawa Centre, notwithstanding some last-minutedirty tricks by the Liberal candidate (I was thoroughly disgusted by it -- it's just not playing fair).

Nationwide, the Liberals got a strong minority, and the NDP are one seat away from holding the balance of power.

Okay, I have to explain this for the non-Americans. There are 308 seats in the House of Commons, and we vote for a local Member of Parliament to fill one of those seats. If any party gets 155 or more of those seats, they're said to have a majority, because they can win any vote simply based on the numbers. They then form the government, and the party leader becomes Prime Minister. If no party has more than 155 seats -- as in this case -- we have a minority government, where a party (usually, but not always, the one that wins the most seats) has to seek support from other parties to ensure that its motions pass. If it can do so successfully, it forms the government.

At last count, the Liberals had 135 seats and the NDP 19 -- one shy of being the balance of power. It's particularly frustrating since a number of the NDP losses were very very close. Some may yet be reversed, as there's an automatic recount if the results are close enough, and recounts can be requested in other circumstances.

It's rather frustrating to be so close. But overall, it's a result I can live with. And on that note, I'll spare you further election blather.
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