June 23rd, 2004


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Okay, update time. In no particular order:

- moved C into his swank new place on Sunday. He sprained his ankle in the process (ouch!), and had to go to the hospital. He is okay (but on crutches for a while). C2 and I demonstrated that we are muscle-women by completing the move... er... single-handedly.

- I had my first non-vegetarian meal in a couple of months on the weekend, when I succumbed to a terrible craving for fish and chips. Mmmm.... fishy goodness. This does not mean I'm going back to full-on meat, though -- I still have no desire to eat chicken, let alone red meat. Just seafood. I really like seafood.
I think I'll still tell people I'm a vegetarian, though -- it's easier than trying to explain.

- Went to see the Terminal. Kiri's rating: enh. Uneven. Had some good moments, but didn't hold together very well overall. It couldn't figure out what it wanted to be: slapstick, romance, tragicomedy? And Spielberg has a major problem ending movies. Though this one wasn't as bad as A.I.

- I'm getting a new-ish boss at work -- she's coming back from a year's maternity leave. I met her for the first time today, when she dropped by to visit with the baby. She seems very nice, but a new boss is always a tad anxiety-inducing.

- The Ottawa Jazz Festival starts this weekend. I'm trying to decide whether to go or not. It would be quite enjoyable to spend a few evenings sitting on the grass, listening to music... but on the other hand, things have been so busy lately, I almost just want to hide in my house. I think I will likely end up going, maybe just for the weekend or something... it might be as good a way to recuperate as hiding.

- H & M are coming up for Canada Day! *bouncebouncebounce* This is most pleasing to me. We will have a grand time.
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