May 14th, 2004


Pet peeve du jour

People who ride the elevator all the way to -- or from -- the 2nd/3rd floor. I bet lots of them go to fancy gyms to use stair-climbers, too.
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last unicorn

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Tra la la! It is the weekend! This is a lovely thing indeed.

I'm off to the Tulip Festival tonight (and for much of the next week), to bask in sun and heat and music and stuff. I'm so glad it finally feels like summer, even if it is rather insanely humid, and even if it does keep threatening thunderstorms. It's just so nice that it's not winter anymore. There's so much you can do in the summer that you can't do in the winter. Softball! Outdoor festivals! Picnics! (I'm planning a picnic for Sunday, if the weather stays nice) General frolicking about in nature! Hurrah!

And this is overly chirpy kirilaw, signing off...
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