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April 27th, 2004 - Growing old so young — LiveJournal
twenty years of sleep before we sleep forever
Well, I licked that stupid cold, finally. I feel much better now. It dragged on dreadfully, and I'm still a tiny bit mucusy (ew! tmi!), but I'm better enough now that it doesn't count. Of course, now it's the middle of the work week. :P

I finally hauled my butt back to the gym tonight, after a week's absence. I did a spinning class, which was rather fun. Hard, but fun. I like the instructor who teaches the Tuesday nights... he's kind of a goofball, which makes it fun. He also does triathlons, which is cool. He is much faster than I am. Unsurprisingly.

Which reminds me, I'm going to be doing another triathlon in 3 1/2 weeks. Am I out of my mind? It's entirely possible. But the last one was really kind of fun, in a masochistic kind of way. All right, fine, I admit it. I liked the astonishment on the faces/in the voices of family and friends when they heard that I'd done it. 'Twas a lovely bit of positive reinforcement. My goal this time round is to be at least 5th from the bottom. It's a modest goal, but one I think I can accomplish. :)

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Current Music: Metric -- Soft Rock Star

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