March 21st, 2004

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So we went to IKEA today. And I spent way too much money. I had intended to pick up a couple of shelves -- for my kitchen (cookbooks and a plant or two) and my office space (knickknacks that are cluttering my bookshelf, so they can be displayed and viewed). I was successful in that endeavour, but also ended up buying a chest of drawers. It was badly needed -- my clothes are overflowing in the one I have, and I have been intending to get one sooner or later -- but it was a lot of money to drop. And this is after I talked myself out of this one, which I like better, but which is probably too big for my bedroom (in the sense of being overpowering). I also saw a lovely bookshelf, but again, it would have been too large and overpowering. When I have a big house of my own, perhaps my bedroom will be large enough for such a bookcase.

We also went to the ever-dangerous shoe store. I got a lovely pair of sandals, which I cannot wait to wear.

And then we went to the ever-evil Chapters. And I was going to be so good, but they have this terrible section called "Bargain Books" where you can get hardcovers for $10.

It has been a day of much spending. I'm going to stop now. Maybe leave my wallet at home in future. :P
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