March 16th, 2004

last unicorn

What I did on my vacation

So I'm back! Safe and sound and all those good things.

I had a loverly weekend in the big city, which I shall attempt to recap for you. Let's see...

1. Getting lost
So one of the first events of my trip was C and I getting lost on the way out of town. Well, not lost exactly... just not driving in the necessary direction to get to Toronto. We missed the turnoff, and it was probably 1/2 hour before we noticed, so we ended up taking the scenic route. Ooops. But we did eventually make it. C was sad because he missed a bit of the convention (the inspiration for the trip was a Transformed convention), but it turned out that they were behind schedule and disorganized, so he didn't miss much at all.

2. (not) sleeping
I was already pretty tired at the beginning of the trip, as I had been less than diligent about getting my eight hours for most of the preceding week. I was supposed to take a nap Friday afternoon while C was doing the con, but I was in one of those states of "so tired you can't sleep" so I ended up watching really bad cartoons instead. Bleah. Then we headed downtown for dinner and coffee and our evening activity, which was going to see Danko Jones at Lee's Palace. It was a very fun show, even if not really my kind of music -- C's more of a hard rocker than I am. It was extremely loud, though, and I had (of course) forgotten to bring my earplugs. I had to swipe some tissue to stuff my ears with and stave off hearing loss.

3. Getting lost again
Then we tried to get back to the hotel, and I lost my title of "good navigator" (alas!) because I was so tired I couldn't plan our route. We did get back to the hotel, and it didn't even involve tooooo many wrong turns and false starts, but we were both so tired at this point that we were a little snappy at each other. :( We then collapsed and slept like the dead...

4. (not) sleeping (again)
...until 8:20, when C's wake-up call occurred, and he set off to do more con stuff. I was supposed to sleep in, but the call was so freaking loud, I couldn't get back to sleep afterwards. Boo. So I puttered about and went for a swim, which was lovely.

We checked out at 1, and loaded the car, and then I went down to the con with C to have a peek and give him a chance to do some more transformering. Cons are strange and interesting creatures. But that's about all I have to say about that. We then headed downtown to our new hotel, where we were unable to get parking because the hotel parking lot was full. So we had to park in another lot and walk over, which was less than ideal, but not (ultimately) a big deal... except that we were both exceptionally tired at this point, and neither of us was coping very well. So we decided to have a nap.

And then.

Twenty minutes after we lay down, the fire alarm went off.

At this point, we gave up on sleep.

5. Losing people
So I called my brother, who is going to school at U of T, and we decided to meet up. We weren't well-organized, and he suggested we walk up one street, and he would walk down, and we would meet in the middle.

Only we didn't meet.

After much walking, C and I -- tired, hungry, punchy, crabby -- gave up, called my bro and left a message saying we'd missed him, and went for dinner. It turned out that we'd walked past where he was coming on to the street, probably before he even got there. Sigh.

After dinner, we wandered about, did a bit of shopping, and retired for an early bed, from which we were not roused for many many hours.

Sunday was cold and windy, but we spent it out shopping and wandering about. It was very pleasant, and relaxing, although my feet were SO SORE by the end of it. We successfully met up with my bro that evening, and went to see the Corporation. A very good movie, terribly guilt-inducing. Part of my grand plan to bring my brother over to the Dark Side... er, I mean, the Left. ;)

We then went back to our hotel room (with bro), had snacks, played cards and chatted.

On Monday, we slept in a bit, checked out of the hotel, had breakfast, and went to the ROM, which is my favourite museum in the whole wide world. Unfortunately, it's March Break, so the place was an absolute zoo -- full of screaming children. This took away slightly from my enjoyment, but we still got to see many lovely and nifty things. We even saw the touring Egypt exhibit from the British Museum, which was interesting. We were a bit pressed for time in the end, so I didn't get to spend as much time in Greece & Rome, and in the regular Egypt section as I would have liked. But my feet were sore too, so in the end, it was good to get on the road again.

And, after much driving, we returned safely to Ottawa.

So there ya go. My epic adventure in the big city.
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