February 17th, 2004

baby dragon

First Day of Work

Okay, so, update on the new job. Basically, it goes like this: so far, so good. I've spent the past two days mostly organizing my office, sorting through papers and reading stuff to get up to speed. The previous person left all her stuff basically in large piles of paper, so there was quite a bit of sorting to do (and I still don't know what to do with some of it...!). I was introduced to a great many people, most of whom's names I promptly forgot. All in all, a fairly typical first couple of days of work.

I have been assigned the previous person's phone number, which will generally be a good thing, but means that I've already gotten calls looking for information about files she was working on. Eep! (I said, "I'm still getting up to speed. Can I call you back in a couple of days?")

I think things are going to get busy very quickly. Which is fine by me -- there's only so much reading and organizing a girl can do before she gets well and truly bored! I'm already going to a major two-day meeting this week (Thursday and Friday), though I will really be there to observe and to get to know people (and so they can get to identify me). I'm looking forward to it -- it'll be interesting to get more of a high-level view of things than I've had so far.

Oh, and I have a cell phone now. Still haven't figured out how to access the voice mail, though. Hrm.
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