February 15th, 2004


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My house is much cleaner now than it was a few hours ago. Most people would probably still consider it a mess, but it really is much better. Really. I swear. And I'm going to try and get a few more piles tidied away before bed tonight. For some reason, I'm having a peculiar burst of energy. Must take advantage of that.

I start my new job tomorrow! This is mostly exciting, but I am a little bit nervous. It will be strange to be going to work somewhere different. I have already picked out my clothes for tomorrow (though they have yet to be ironed -- I think that's on the list of things to do before bed tonight).

Oh, and I just realized that I only have two weeks before the RRSP deadline. This is slightly panic-inducing. On the bright side, I have been pointed to a source for ethical funds, at long last. Unfortunately, they are only sold by credit unions, none of which I have any experience with. It was odd -- when I went in to the bank to talk about setting up an RRSP, the lady had never heard of the concept of ethical funds. It seems like such a basic concept to me, that it was mind-boggling that she had no idea what it was. Even if they didn't sell them... But I suppose I've been living in the crazy pinko-leftie-hippie world for too long to have any idea what the world at large is or is not aware of. Heh.

Okay, off to iron clothes now. More babbling later.
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