January 6th, 2004


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So, um, I suck. I have once again lapsed into a state of non-posting. Bad me! Quick update, then.

New Year's was great. Had a wonderful dinner at C2's, and then went out to see the Polytones (a local band), and to count down to the New Year amidst crowds of drunken people. I haven't usually done the bar thing for NYE, but it was a lot of fun -- mostly 'cause I was hanging out with cool people that I like, of course! I even got a kiss at midnight. ;)

I spent most of New Year's day in bed. Sleeping, primarily. Not much to say about that.

The next day (the 2nd), I woke up very sniffly and more than a little light-headed. So I called in sick, and spent another day mostly in bed. And playing video games -- I did a lot of that, too. I took NeoCitran that night to knock myself out, and was starting to feel human again by mid-Saturday. So that was alright.

Sunday night, we celebrated C's birthday. I baked a cake. It was very well-received. Had a lovely evening.

And now back to work. The daily grind resumes. Nothing exciting about that.

Well, except I did get a card from polarbear about a week ago. Which made me smile and totally brightened my day. Thanks babe!

Other news (of a sort): I woke up yesterday with a really freakin' nasty pain in my neck. It might have been due to an over-enthusiastic upper body workout on Sunday... but it felt more like I'd slept on it wrong. I figured it would just go away, but it didn't. It was still there this morning when I got up, at which point I dosed myself with extra-strength tylenol (which has effectively numbed the pain). I'm actually a little concerned now -- if it's not better by tomorrow, I'm probably going to have to go to the doctor. I hate going to the doctor. *pout* It's also putting a serious crimp in my attempts to get back into shape -- I'm limited to a lower-body workout today, and I think I shouldn't run for fear of jostling it, so I guess I'll do some cardio on the bike instead.

The other threat to my good intentions is my office. Where junk food is in far too much abundance. I wish I had willpower. I can make myself a salad in the morning (I did today), and dressing (actually, I made some of that this morning too), but salad is no defence against M&Ms and other tasty goodies... *sigh*
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