October 31st, 2003

last unicorn

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Tonight I am throwing a Hallowe'en party. I am completely not organized for this. But thanks to frantic cleaning last night, I won't be completely humiliated when people see my house. Only slightly embarrassed. :/

The cats are going to be confined to the bedroom, so they don't escape during all the opening and closing of doors (Isis) and so they don't freak out too much (Spenser). They don't know this yet. I suspect they will be unimpressed when they find out.

And the magnificent, wonderful, fabulous H is coming to town for the party and the weekend! Much excited bouncing ensues.

My brain is really not going to be on work today. I hope nobody expects anything too intellectually taxing from me. Heh. You may have noticed that I can't even write a coherent journal entry. This is probably a bad sign.
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