October 18th, 2003

last unicorn

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So I am at my parents' for the weekend. I decided to skip the craziness of Thanksgiving last weekend (just as well -- it sounds like there were almost more people than air beds. If I'd been there too, they probably would have run out), and come home this weekend instead to hang out with Mom and Dad.

There have been a few odd changes. The cat (I watched her being born!) is getting grey hairs. My old bedroom has been taken over and painted purple. My brother's girlfriend is living here (although he's not -- he's at school out of town). All kinds of strangeness. But it's still nice to be back. I fully intend to hijack the piano a bit later today. I miss having a piano to play!

But before I forget, I wanted to record a very strange dream I had a night or two ago. I was being interviewed for a job by the Prime Minister. At some point in the middle of the dream, the PM turned out to be a woman. She had shortish dark hair and glasses, and was very nice. I'm reasonably sure she looked like a real person, bur I can't put a finger on who. Only one other person seemed to be being interviewed -- R. After the interviews, the PM went and got us a tray of food (the whole thing was taking place at some sort of banquet), and we were talking. I said I didn't think I'd gotten the job, because I didn't quite know the answer to one of the questions. R said that no, he'd actually gotten there late, and the PM had just asked him a few questions to be polite. Then I woke up. Very strange. I wonder what kind of job it was?
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