September 26th, 2003

last unicorn

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I have just returned from playing my first ever round of golf. My feet hurt.

Now yes, I know, it's an elitist sport that causes tonnes of pesticides to be sprayed on land that could otherwise be used on farming. But it was a charity tournament, and I got talked into going by my coworkers (with whom I played).

And it was actually kinda fun.

It was "best ball", which meant we didn't have to play from every crappy shot we made (which no doubt added to the enjoyment factor), and my coworkers are fun people to hang out with. The full 18 holes makes for a long day -- I think I'd generally prefer to play 9, as I was kind of flagging towards the end. But yeah. Kind of a fun game.

Oh, and in totally unrelated news, I had my first guitar lesson last night. It went super-well. My guitar teacher is actually teaching me "Stairway to Heaven", which I find immensely amusing. Look out everybody! I'm going to be a rock star! ;)
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