September 10th, 2003

last unicorn

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This week's accomplishments:

Signed up for guitar lessons (they start next week)
Joined a gym

If I can't go back to school, I am damn well going to start doing stuff. And scheduling myself again and so forth. Clearly, I do not do well without extracurricular activities.

For the curious, the cats are doing pretty well -- there's a lot of establishing-dominance fighting going on at the moment, which is a bit distressing to me, but no one's getting hurt, so I'm sure it'll work itself out in due time. Surprisingly, it looks to me like Spenser is winning and will end up being alpha cat. I had expected Isis' unflappable personality to overwhelm my scaredy cat. But he is bigger and has been here longer, so I suppose that carries a fair bit of weight.

I've also noticed that Isis has a crooked leg. :( It looks as though it was broken at some point and didn't heal quite straight -- not entirely surprising, as she was a stray. It doesn't seem to bother her at all, but she tends to sit funny, with the leg sticking out to the side. Poor little cat. It's amazing she's so friendly and personable -- her first year must've been pretty rough.