June 29th, 2003

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Whew. So. Much. Packing.

I have just spent the entire weekend (more or less) putting things into boxes. I really do have an awful lot of stuff. It's kind of strange, really -- I think I live (relatively) frugally, and I certainly never thought of myself as having a particularly large accumulation of stuff. I mean, I only have a little one-bedroom apartment -- how much stuff could I possibly have? But then, once I started having to put it all in boxes... there really is a lot of it. Lots of books, and CDs, cookware, clothes... I suppose I'm actually quite well-endowed when it comes to possessions.

Anyway, I'm pretty much done. I'm going to pack the computer tomorrow, and the last of the clothes, before my "volunteers" show up with the van. I think everything will have found a place, or very nearly. Here's hoping. Here's hoping the mattress fits in the van. I don't know what we'll do if it doesn't.

I've booked Wednesday (the post-move day) off work. I think I will need it -- I plan to sleep in, and unpack, and recuperate a little bit. The next couple of days are going to be crazy.

Anyone with a soft spot for furry animals, please feel free to send a few calming and easy-adjustment vibes Spenser's way. The poor little kitty is a bit freaked out by all the boxes, and by things not being in their "proper" place, and I think he will find the "whole new apartment" a bit stressful. I just hope he doesn't make things too difficult for me before he gets used to it...!
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