April 25th, 2003

last unicorn

A few random thoughts...

Every time the guy who runs the cool-local-indie-video-rental-place commends me on my choice of movie or on the complementarity of my evening's "double bill", I get a funny giddy feeling. Am I developping a silly crush on the cool-indie-video-rental-guy? Or is it simply that I like being commended by someone I perceive as being rather "cool" (and having good taste)?

I got my income tax refund today. It is wonderful. I want to hug my accountant. It may be a good thing that he lives in another city. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it. I want to start an RRSP, but I need some kind of financial advice first. Where does one find a good financial advisor?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Friday-evening plans that consist of the gym, video rentals and veggies & dip. And maybe a rum & coke or two. In celebration of the end of evil-week.

Sean and I are doing dinner-and-a-movie (poor people's version -- eating in and renting) tomorrow night, and it's my turn to cook. What shall I make? I'd like it to be something fairly hearty, and I'm going to try to send some leftovers home with Sean...
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