April 16th, 2003


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So... tired...
I know I haven't really had much to say here lately.
This week feels like it's been months long. It's mostly work -- work has been crazy. I was there 'til past 6 last night. It's completely wearing me down. I know it's just for another week, until this project's due, but...
The organizing-my-life effort was actually going pretty well, until last night when I was just too exhausted to even pretend to consider going to the gym. I'm trying to decide now if I should do gym tonight or stick to the schedule and try to do it tomorrow night.
I'm going home for the weekend... I hadn't originally planned to, but my dad offered to come up and get me, so I figure they really want me to go home so I feel kind of obligated. :/ It'll be good to see my family, it's just that I feel like I'm falling behind as far as housekeeping and generally being organized go. Bah. Oh well. It'll be a nice weekend anyway. I just won't think about that stuff. :P
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